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Дорожня ікона митрополита Андрея Шептицького

Дорожня ікона митрополита Андрея Шептицького - Mother of God of Kursk, sent to Rev. Myron Hornykewycz by
Metropolitan Andryj Sheptytsky from his exil in Kursk. In family posession.

There is a second almost identical icon, also signed on the same date by Metropolitan Sheptytzky, dedicated to Ivan Aleksiyevich. Aleksiyevich was most likely comissioned by the Metropolitan to bring the original to Rev. Myron Hornykewycz. The Hornykewycz family chronicles (oral tradition) state that the icon was sent as a statement that the Metropolitan was still alive and in power. The second icon was Aleksiyevichs "passport" to proove the authenticity of his mission. He most likely not only brought the icon, but, much more important, some message of which we no longer know. Hornykewycz on his part, being very close to the Metropolitan and knowing the icon well, would not have accepted anything but the original as confirmation of the authenticity of the message. Metropolitan Sheptyzky's original icon is in possesion of the Hornykewycz family. The other one is in possesion of Patriarch Sviatoslav Shewchuk.