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Zu den unten angeführten Texten, die weiterhin kostenlos erhältlich sein sollen, stehen noch folgende Texte in deutscher bzw. deutsch/ukrainischer Sprache zur Verfügung:
  • Die Große Vesper
  • Das Stundengebet
  • Hymnos Akathistos zu unserem Herrn Jesus Christus
  • Ritus der Krönung/Hochzeit
Da das erstellen dieser Texte viel Arbeit bedeutet, wir aber an einer Verbreitung interessiert sind, wollen wir sie gegen eine kleine Spende zur Verfügung stellen. Nähere Info: office[at]

As I have been compiling liturgical texts in Ukrainian, German, and English, I have decided to make them available on the Internet. I have been careful not to use any copyrighted material, and I have done some of the translating myself.
If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it now at no cost. I have formatted the texts so you may print them into booklets for your own private use or the private use of your parish. If you do so, please add a little note to each copy indicating the source (my homepage).
If you need a different format (doublesided printing), just send me an e-mail: office[at]

Compiling these texts is a lot of work. You may want to consider giving a small donation.

The Divine Liturgy of our Father amongst the Saints John Chrysostomos

This text is neither complete nor official, yet among the best on the net. Accents and breaks to facilitate singing have occasionally been added.




(pdf, approx. 200kB)

Liturgien zum Downloaden

Der Große Bußkanon des Hl. Andreas von Kreta


(pdf, approx. 280kB)

Hymnos Akathistos

The complete text of the Hymnos Akathistos to the Theotokos in English for private or liturgical use. The text includes accents to facilitate singing. Some prayers for special intentions have been added towards the end.


(pdf, English: 70kB)


A handy little prayerbook (Ukrainian, English and German) for clergy always to carry around.

Ukrainian, English & German

(pdf, approx. 220kB)

Путівник Декади місійності.

Ritus der Taufe und der Firmung

Baptism & Chrismation in German


(pdf, approx. 120kB)