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Here is a little collection of sermons, sayings, and theological essays you may find interesting.
If you yourself have anything fitting you wish to be published, I will be glad to do so (subject to review): office[at]

Kirche zwischen Ost und West

On Chastity

What Is The Conscience

Über Ehe und Zölibat

On Marriage & Celibacy

Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe

On Humility

Liebet eure Feinde...

Werfet eure Netze...

NFP (Natural Family Planning)

Osterpredigt Chrysostomos

On Giving To The Poor

Premartial Relations

On Pride

The Priesthood

On "Putting On Christ"

Seligpreisung oder Fluch?

Draft For A TV Interview (Shaw Cable, Saskatoon, SK., Canada)